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The Artistic Studio

Entering the Studio Musivo Lastrucci, is like stepping back in time to in the Renaissance.

Learn more about:
  • Il The Master Bruno
  • Il The Master Iacopo
  • “Florentine commesso”, a particular kind of mosaic, developed in the 16th century in Florence
  • visit the small and ancient Spedale, housing Lastrucci’s private collection of mosaics
The artistic studio of the Masters Iacopo and Bruno Lastrucci is situated in the ancient Spedale di San Francesco de’ Macci in Florence, in the street of the same name, just a few steps from the celebrated Basilica di Santa Croce.

The medieval building dates back to 1335 and for several centuries housed the famous “Madonna of Harpies”, a painting by Andrea del Sarto now belonging to the Uffizi Gallery.

Visit to these historical rooms, which today form the headquarters of the Studio Musivo Lastrucci, is certainly an unforgettable experience.

All mosaics are entirely produced in the according to the original techniques dating back to the 16th century, which highlight the natural colour of every stone.

As in the 16th century, every piece is cut with a simple saw made of a tree branch bent in the form of a bow with an iron wire stretched from end to end and covered with water and emery powder; the pieces are then glued together with a mixture of virgin wax and pine resin.

The tools used are of ancient origin; progress and technology have not been able to create suitable substitutes for them, because the original tools were crafted for recreating a sense of beauty that modern technology is unable to reproduce.

The artists personally follow the whole creative process and all mosaics are entirely produced in the studio of the Masters Iacopo and Bruno Lastrucci, situated in Via de’ Macci 9 and annexed to the Galleria Musiva, selling Florentine mosaics of their own production.

------------------------------------------------------------AWARD 2010-----------------------------------------------------------
The Studio Lastrucci has received in 2010 the special Prize "Bottega Artigiana Fiorentina" (with the patronage of the UNESCO Centre of Florence).
A selection of Lastrucci’s stone works produced in the historical studio in Via de’ Macci can be admired online in the portal Made in Firenze in the section dedicated to the Lastrucci mosaic gallery.

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