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The Master Iacopo

The Mosaicist who Paints with the Light of the Stone.

Iacopo Lastrucci unites in himself the past, the present and the future of a world of human figure in, Florentine mosaic. He inherited this talent from his father Bruno, having always observed and admired his father’s work, before devoting himself directly to the art

Many people in the world are astonished when they view one of Bruno Lastrucci’s masterpieces; Iacopo is the only person in the world who can say he has witnessed the whole creation process of most of them.

Iacopo Lastrucci is the new Master who can continue along that new pictorial line that has profoundly shaken the world of Florentine mosaic since the end of World War II thanks to its new ways of creating “sketches in stones”.

Brightness is the most remarkable characteristic in Iacopo Lastrucci’s works.

The artist has an almost uncanny ability of producing a non-artificial light, as old as the natural light of the hard stones composing his works, which possess an intrinsic, full and authentic brightness.

A natural light that wants to show itself to the world through the artist.

A special and sincere thanks to Joan and Peter Vilim.
Their help in the optimization of this english version its been truly precious and full of sensibility to explain the artistic 'deep sense' of the Florentine Mosaic.

Iacopo and Bruno Lastrucci.
Florence Italy 11 october 2009

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